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  7th April, 2004, the program of “Building Resource platform and information website for research on learning-related neuroscience” had been identified and accepted by Ministry of Education.



  16th September, 2005, “Children’s Science Education Website (National Development and Reform Commission’s sub-program of Platform for China Internet Education)” had been identified and accepted.


  April 2004, Prof. Zhao Qinping (Vice Minister of Education), Ren Yanshen (Vice secretary of Jiangsu provincial committee of the CPC) and Wang Zhan (Vice governor of Jiangsu) arrived and visited RCLS.


  28th July, 2004, channel of CCTV 10 had broadcasted special topic about RCLS.


  Prof. Wei Yu obtained Knight Medal of France National Corps of Honor.




  Patent Application


  Publications of Prof. Wei Yu and the faculty of RCLS


  Wearable and Wireless multi-physiological system


  Wearable ECG System