China is facing an excellent opportunity for reform of early child development. On the one hand, early child development has become a new bright spot in "the National Outline for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020)".

Since 2010, both the government and the whole society are all paying much attention to this issue. The initial three-year action plan obtained obvious achievements, the next new plan will be issued soon. On the other hand, research and practice of early child development are progressing rapidly. A series of international research and practice programs have been successfully launched and a lot of important progresses have achieved especially under the guidance of brain research.


Therefore, it is necessary to summarize our experience, absorb the international research results and plan for the future development plan. The high-level forum will focus on the latest achievements in the following areas: 1) Contents and standards of early child development, their scientific basis, as well as the effective methods on early child development; 2) Assessment methods and tools for early child development; 3) the methods of early identification and intervention for children with developmental disabilities.

The conference will invite the famous experts (10 foreign experts and about 30 Chinese experts) in above field. The advanced experiences of foreign and domestic researches, combined with China's national context would promote the researches and practices, as well as the decision making of early child development in China.




Department of information engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering

International Mind, Brain, and Education Society(IMBES)

Chinese National Commission for UNESCO

Southeast University

Local Organizer


Key Laboratory of Child Development and Learning Science (Ministry of Education), Southeast University



Nanjing Education Bureau