Kurt W. Fischer


Kurt W. FischerProf. Kurt W. Fischer is Charles Bigelow Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. His work, called dynamic skill theory, is considered to be one of the Neo-Piagetian theories of cognitive development. His current focus has been on the field of Mind, Brain, and Education (or educational neuroscience).



weiyu.jpgAcademician of Chinese Academy of Engineering;Member of National education consultation committee,China;Former Vice minister of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China;Founder of China Molecular and Biomolecular Electronics and Neuroeducation. Research area includes Molecular and Biomolecular Electronics and Neuroeducation.

Hideaki Koizumi


Hideaki KoizumiDr. Koizumi is recognized worldwide as an early proponent and major advocate of the new transdisciplinary field of Mind-Brain Science. His research contributions include the development of functional MRI and Optical Topography for the real-time observation of brain functions.

Marc Schwartz


Marc SchwartzMarc Schwartz is Professor and Director of the Southwest Center for Mind, Brain and Education (SWMBE) at the University of Texas-Arlington. His principle work at the Center is in developing an MBE Research Schools Network and masters degree program in MBE. He studies and develops organizational systems that support promising research agendas at the intersection of the field of Mind, Brain and Education as well as train educators to see themselves as both effective consumers and producers of knowledge in this new field. The Research Schools Network seeks to increase collaboration between researchers, practitioners, and policy makers by offering a forum where ideas are welcomed and at the same time critically and rigorously examined with the tools and models emerging at the interface of education, cognitive science and neuroscience.

Nathan Fox


Nathan FoxProf. Nathan Fox is the director of child development lab, university of Maryland. His general research area includes: Temperament; Development of emotion and emotion regulation; Developmental psychophysiology, infant cognitive/social development.

Michel Boivin


Michel BovinMichel Boivin holds Canada Research Chair on Child Social Development at the School of Psychology of Laval University. He is now member of the executive committee, and director at Laval University, of the Research Unit on Children's Psycho-Social Maladjustment, an interdisciplinary and inter-university research center investigating risk and protective factors influencing children's development. He also chairs the Scientific Committee of the Knowledge Center for Early Childhood Learning. Dr. Boivin's main research interests concern children' social behaviors, peer relationships, and school adjustment.

Jacques Mehler


Jacques MehlerProf. Mehler's laboratory focuses on human development of Language and Mind and also on the cerebral bases of Language. They perform investigations on very young infants, bilingual children and adults. In some of their studies they use innovative brain imaging equipment, which is especially well suited for the study of very young babies.

Vicky Leong


Vicky LeongDr. Leong is now a Junior Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge at the Centre for Neuroscience in Education, where she is using EEG to investigate neural entrainment to speech rhythm patterns in individuals with dyslexia. Her research interests are cross-disciplinary and applied, encompassing psychology, education, neuroscience and speech engineering.

Jason Gortney


Jason GortneyHe's from Children’s Home Society in Washington and actively involved in Washington initiative.His work is focusing on early child development, early developmeng of childrens' excutive function。